Full Version: OP-COM Professional v.120309c [03.2012]
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OP-COM Professional v.120309c [03.2012]
Diagnostic software for Opel / Vauxhall / Holden vehicles

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Region: All regions
Languages: English
Type: Diagnostic software
Quantity of CD: 1 CD  
Update version: v.120309c
Year: 2012
Date of update: 03.2012

Software intended to diagnose electronic of vehicles Opel / Vauxhall / Holden 1992 to 2012, it works with China clones.
Main functions are read and clear fault codes, display live data, perform output tests. Immobiliser support, remote and key fob programming, change variant coding of various control units, and a lot more.
Support a wide range of control units built into cars, like Engine, Transmission, ABS / ESP, Airbag, Instrument, Radio, Display, etc.

The diagnostic interface is USB based, easy to install, works under 32 and 64 bits version of Windows.