Full Version: MANWIS Workshop Info System [01.2015]
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MANWIS Workshop Info System [01.2015]
Service and repair information, wirings for MAN vehicles

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Region: All regions 
Langauge: multilingual 
Developer: MAN Nutzfahrzeuge
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7 
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD  
Year: 2015
Date of update: 01/2015
License: Provided

MAN Workshop Info System repair information for MAN and MAN wiring diagrams

Man WIS dealer documentation on repair trucks and buses Man.This program provides information on the repair, maintenance, diagnostics, wiring diagrams Truck Man. In addition to trucks Man Playing presented and buses Man. 
Catalogue Man Wis Workshop Information System comes on 1DVD, full or partial installation documentation to repair the hard drive.

Excerpt from the program Man WIS (Workshop Information System):
Currently repair manual is an aid for the proper repairs on vehicles described here and units and reflects the technical level at the time of the material in print. 
In the development of this guidance implies the presence of the professional skills required to work with vehicles and units.
Illustrations and corresponding descriptions are typical snapshots, which do not always correspond to the repaired unit, not being wrong. In such cases, the planning and repair work is carried out as appropriate. 
Repair complex additional units performed our customer service or the service of the manufacturer, the text provides a special instruction. 
Repairs are classified into sections and subsections. Each subsection begins with a page "Background of the work.". Background of the work is a summary of the main conditions for the described repairs. For the Background of the work can be followed by a detailed description of the work.