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ODIS-E Flash files (Flash...
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Renault DDT2000 Diagnosti...
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Renault DDT2000 Diagnosti...
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10-08-2020, 05:18 PM

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  ROPA AG Spare Part Books [PDF]
Posted by: Admin - Yesterday, 07:33 PM - Forum: General - ALL The Others - No Replies

ROPA AG Spare Part Books [PDF]

[Image: 01.png]
[Image: 02.png]
[Image: 03.png]
[Image: 04.png]
[Image: 05.png]
[Image: 06.png]

Ropa - a leading manufacturer of highly productive and reliable equipment for sugar beet, which is less risk of clogging and the expansion frame.
With the development of technology is constantly aim meet economic requirements of forward-looking sugar beet producers.
Presented at the site spare parts catalog Ropa provides full technical information on spare parts and accessories for beet harvesting machines MAUS, Schlegler & Roder, Tiger.
Original parts catalog Ropa contains detailed parts manuals, spare parts books, presented for service beet machines.
Parts book Ropa includes simple search function that allows users to quickly search parts by name, the serial number, the model and other parameters. With directory Ropa user can carry out installation or removal of any parts beet equipment, and troubleshoot equipment.

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Liebherr Lidos Liebherr Lidos Parts+Repair [2020] OFFLINE
Posted by: Admin - 10-15-2020, 04:13 PM - Forum: Liebherr - No Replies

Liebherr Lidos Parts+Repair [2020] OFFLINE
Lidos, parts catalog & Service Manuals for LHB, LFR, LBH, LWT, MOT
Size: 165 GB

[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]

Region: All regions 
Type: Parts catalog & Service Manuals
Languages:English, Spanish, Italian, German, French 
OS: WinXP, Vista, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10
Size: 165 GB 
Year: 2018
Date of update: 2020

Liebherr Lidos Complete Set is a parts catalog and service documentation for Liebherr construction and mining machines and engines. 

Liebherr Lidos Complete Set parts catalog and service documentation covers the following equipment types:

LIDOS LHB WEBSERVICE: Wheeled Excavators

Liebherr manufactures mining excavators, wheel loaders, dozers that are technological trend-setters. The machines feature both high efficiency and availability combined with an ergonomic working environment offering comfort for the operators and and easy serviceability for the service crew. All of these features result in the range of Liebherr mining excavators offering the lowest costs per ton. 

All working attachments whether backhoe bucket or bottom-dump bucket are designed and manufactured by Liebherr.

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Renault Renault Renolink V1.87 OBD2 [04.2020]
Posted by: Admin - 10-14-2020, 07:06 PM - Forum: Renault - Dacia - No Replies

Renault Renolink V1.87 OBD2 [04.2020]
April 2020
Renolink OBD2 Renault ECU Programmer ( ECU-Airbag- Key )

[Image: 01.png]
[Image: 02.png]
[Image: 03.png]
[Image: 04.png]

Region: All regions
Type: Programmer Software
Languages: English+ French
Year: 2020
Date of update: 04/2020

Renolink OBD2 Renault ECU Programmer ( ECU-Airbag- Key )

Reno'link has many features like UCH matching,airbag programming,engine ECU programming,key coding, key deletion, dashboard coding, eeprom and flash reading and writing in Renault and Dacia vehicles.
You can connect Reno'link programmer device to vehicles via OBD socket,  and you can make programming easily and delete memory and introduce units  without disassembling ECU, EPROM and flash drives.
Thanks to the Reno'link,  you can easily virginize and re-program the parts like UCH, motor bracket, indicator, airbag module, fuse table, which are installed new or used ones  on the Renault and Dacia vehicles.

Renolink OBD2 Functions List:
-Eprom read / write
-ECU Resetting
-Clear Crash Airbag
-Airbag reset
-Airbag Virginize
-KEY Programming
-TDB (cluster)
-Indicator Programming
-ECM Programming
-UCH Programming
-EPS Virginizer
-EPS Resetting

Whats NEW:
- learn ecu from DACIA Logan 2 / DACIA Sandero / DACIA Lodgy / DACIA Docker / DACIA Duster ph2
This update is for well known problem with ECM V42 )
- Read/write eeprom and read/write flash for dashboard Dacia Logan2 / Dacia Sandero2 / Dacia Lodgy / Dacia Docker / Dacia Duster ph2 from years 2013-2014 and 2014-2017
-Read/write flash, eeprom and km were added for dashboard (VDO) Mégane 3 and Fluence 2015+
- Was added into program - read and write flash, eeprom and km for the Laguna 3 dashboard.
- Read/write km,- read/write eeprom, - read/write flash for dasboard Renault Fluence.
- Also was added key programming UCH BMT Sagem for Dacia Solenza, Dacia Supernova, Renault Twingo, Renault Kangoo, Renault Master (years 1998-2003)
- Read/write km for dashboard Renault Modus
- Read/write km, read/write eeprom for dashboard Koleos

key programming for Dacia Logan 2
key programming for Dacia Sandero 2
key programming for Dacia Duster ph 2
key programming for Dacia Lodgy
key programming for Dacia Dokker
key programming for Renault Clio Symbol 3

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Vag Group ODIS-E Flash files (Flashdaten) [09.2020]
Posted by: Admin - 10-11-2020, 06:53 PM - Forum: VAG Group - No Replies

ODIS-E Flash files (Flashdaten) [09.2020]
Flash files for VAG ODIS Engineering (E)


[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.png]

Firmware files for VAG: Audi , Volkswagen , Skoda , SEAT for software: ODIS and VCP (Vag Can Pro)

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Renault Renault DDT2000 Diagnostic Tool DATABASE [07.2020]
Posted by: Admin - 10-11-2020, 05:44 PM - Forum: Renault - Dacia - No Replies

Renault DDT2000 Diagnostic Tool DATABASE [07.2020]
DATABASE for Renault DDT2000 update 07.2020

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]

Region: All regions
Type: Diagnostic & Programmer Software 
Languages: English,Multi
Year: 2020
Date of update: 07/2020

DDT (Diagnostic Data Tool) program for deep diagnostics of Renault / Nissan vehicles. Allows you to diagnose all ECUs in a more complete mode than via CAN CLIP software. Also, the software contains many useful programs from developers, for example, an emulator of ECU responses

Renault DDT2000 supports CAN-BUS protocol, but with the special CAN diagnostic interface. In this package we are offering the software and simple K line interface (ISO9141). Below named interface has been tested and works with most LAGUNA II models. For other newer models are required CAN-BUS interface.

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Renault Renault DDT2000 Diagnostic Tool v4.0.9.1 [2019]
Posted by: Admin - 10-11-2020, 05:36 PM - Forum: Renault - Dacia - No Replies

Renault DDT2000 Diagnostic Tool v4.0.9.1 [2019]
Diagnostic software for Renault cars .

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.jpg]
[Image: 05.jpg]

Region: All regions
Type: Diagnostic & Programmer Software 
Version: v4.0.9.1 
Languages: English,Multi
Quantity of CD: 1 CD 
Year: 2019

DDT (Diagnostic Data Tool) program for deep diagnostics of Renault / Nissan vehicles. Allows you to diagnose all ECUs in a more complete mode than via CAN CLIP software. Also, the software contains many useful programs from developers, for example, an emulator of ECU responses

Renault DDT2000 supports CAN-BUS protocol, but with the special CAN diagnostic interface. In this package we are offering the software and simple K line interface (ISO9141). Below named interface has been tested and works with most LAGUNA II models. For other newer models are required CAN-BUS interface.

Supported models:
RENAULT: Twingo, X44, Clio, Modus, X86, Megane & Scenic, Megane II, Laguna, Laguna II, Avantime, X91, Safrane, VelStatis, Espace IV, X94, Master, Kangoo, W61, Traffic, Mascott, ZX89; NISSAN: March-Micra, Primera, Almera; DACIA: Logan, Nova.

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BMW BMW & MINI SP-Daten v67.1 [04.2020]
Posted by: Admin - 10-11-2020, 05:10 PM - Forum: BMW - Mini - Rolls Royce - No Replies

BMW & MINI SP-Daten v67.1 [04.2020]

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.jpg]
[Image: 01.png]

Year / Release Date : April 2020
Version : 67.1
Size: 15.37 GB
System requirements : Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, BMW Standart Tools 2.10 - 2.12
Interface language : German

A complete software update package for electronic control units of BMW cars.
Designed to update the database in WinKFP, NCS Expert, Inpa programs (included in BMW Standart Tools).
Body types are present: E36, E38, E39, E46, E52, E53, E60, E65, E70, E83, E85, E89, F001, K1X, K24, KH2, RR1, R50, R56

Latest ECU and Programming/Coding files to use with BMW Standard Tools!! Tool32, INPA, WinKFP, NCSExpert, NCSDummy, etc.

BMW SP-Daten contains a database with the firmware for diagnosis and programming of electronic control units and units of cars BMW. This database is used in a diagnostic program complex - BMW ISIS. All data on the various bodies are divided into separate image files in a file format.

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Scania Trucks Scania SDP3 Diagnos Programmer v2.44.3 [2020]
Posted by: Admin - 10-08-2020, 05:28 PM - Forum: Scania - No Replies

Scania SDP3 Diagnos Programmer v2.44.3 [2020]
Diagnostic & Programmer software for Scania trucks .

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.png]

Region: All regions
Type: Diagnostic & Programmer Software  
Version: 2.44.3
Languages: English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, Japanese 
Quantity of CD: 1 CD 
Year: 2020

Scania SDP3 Diagnostic & Programmer software works with VCI 2 interface
Highest level access
Internal Scania
Industry & Marine
Authorized Scania Workshops

Scania SDP3   V2.44.3 Features:
* Check and adjustements
 * Conversion
 * Maintenance
 * Campaign
 * Bodywork
 * Fault Codes
 * Fault Reporting
* Programming of Control units

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Scania Trucks Scania SOPS encrypter-decrypter + XMLeditor [2012]
Posted by: Admin - 10-08-2020, 05:18 PM - Forum: Scania - No Replies

Scania SOPS encrypter-decrypter + XMLeditor [2012]

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]

Scania SOPS file name stands for–Scania Onboard Product Specification. It’s a file format that you can download (export) from Scania vehicle to your computer with Scania SDP3 software and Scania VCI2 diagnostic adapter. To modify these files you need to convert them to editable XML file, that’s why you need SOPS file encryptor/decryptor software.

Scania Sops File Encryptor/Decryptor Features:
1.Decrypt SOPS export file to XML format
2.Portability USB key included
3.Edit XML file with any XML editor
4.Download with SDP3 from truck SOPS export file
5.Encrypt XML file to SOPS import
6.Upload SOPS import file to truck with SDP3
7.Modify more than 300 parameters, like AdBlue, EGR, NOx Control

Scania Sops File Encryptor/Decryptor Support :
Disable Adblue
Disable EGR
Disable Immobiliser
Disable VIN
Disable Nox Control
Disable Torque Reduction NOx Control
Disable Modify more than 300 other paramter
and so on

Scania SOPS File Parameter List :

ACC PartNo
ACS PartNo
Air pipe flow area
Air tank front
Air tank rear
Air tank volume
Air tank volume, extra
Alternator charge
APS PartNo
BCS part no
BMS PartNo
COO PartNo
Coolant target temperature
Coolant temperature high level
Coolant temperature high level
DIS PartNo
EMS PartNo
EMS system partnumber
Engine rev
Exhaust Emission Ctrl part no
Fan, gear ratio
Fifth wheel position
Fuel volume
Fuel volume, left side
Fuel volume, right side
GMS PartNo
High idle speed offset
ICL PartNo
LAS PartNo
LDW partNo
Low idle speed
Max acceleration at 0 km/h
Max acceleration at 90 km/h
Oil level ind
Rear axle ratio
RET PartNo
Speed limit second
SpeedLimit EOL
TCO PartNo
Temp limit shut off
Temp limit torque reduction
Tyre rolling circumference
TPM partno
Transmission sensor constant
VIS PartNo
Wheel config final for EOL
0.8bar location
ABS/EBS System
AC press sensor
Acceleration limiter
ACS environment
ACS Gateway
Adaptive cruise
AdBlue tank
ADR Designation
Air conditioning
Air filter clogged indicator.
Air intake
Air processing system environment
Air spring cont
Air tank front
Air tank rear
Air tank volume, extra
Airbag in steering wheel
All wheel drive system
An engine protection function
Anti theft remote
APS cold mode parameter
APS pressure level
Autom. hill hold
Automatic climate control system environment
Auxiliary heating
Axle load disp
BCS Environment
Blackout lighting
Bodybuilder information in ICL
Brake category
Bus stop brake
Bus stop brake activation speed
Bus stop emergency brake
C-lock + alarm
Cab floor type
Cab length
Cab special adaptation
Cab type
CAN controlled starter motor
CC Display
Chassis adaptation
Chassis class
Chassis front end width
Climate system control
Clutch overload warning
Clutch System
Clutch slip
Clutch wear measuring
Clutch wear protection
Collision warning
Compressor extra
Compressor man
Compressor ratio
Controlled acceleration
COO environment
Cool req prot
Coolant pump flow
Coolant target temperature
Coolant temperature high level
Cooling package
Country code according to ISO
Crankcase vent.
Cruise Control Protocol
Cruise control switches
Daytime running light
Daytime running light function
DAS system
Defr fan rpm
Diff. Lock
Differential lock control
Direction indicator activation
Direction indicator sound
DIS environment
DIS position
DIS system
Downhill speed controle switch
DPF active regeneration control.
DPF aktiv regenerering
DPF exh gas temperature sensor
DPF exhaust flow type
DPF particulate filter
Droop setting all speed engine
Ecocruise Generation
Ecocruise max speed
EGR System
Emergency stop
Emission level
EMS environment
Eng stroke vol
Engine location on buses
Engine management system
Engine PTO-ED Control
Engine reaction to high coolant temp.
Engine reaction with low coolant level
Engine reactionto defect accelerator pedal
Engine rev
Engine stop request
Engine type
Exhaust brake
Exhaust brake control
Exhaust Emission Control
Ext L storage c
External storage compartment
Extra AC
Fan control
Fan hub solenoid frequency
Fan, driving
Fan, gear ratio
Fast air regeneration
FMS interactor
FMS prep
FMS System
Fog Lamp Front
Front wh drive
Fuel level sen
Fuel volume
Gear box type
Gear shift ctrl
Gear shift prog ZF aut
Gearbox management system
Gearbox management system environment
Gearbox max input torque/ratio
Gearbox PTO-EK Control
Guard/sensor coolant level
Headlamp cleaning
Headlamp type
High (APS) air consumption mode
High charge temp reaction
High idle speed offset
High-mounted headlamp control
Hybrid management system
How the engine shall react due to low oil pressure
How the engine shall react on the accelerator pedal
HVAC ov.fl valv
HVAC system
HVAC water valv
ICL environment
If an accelerator pedal without safety switch is used or not
Indoor temperature display
Instrument cluster
Instrument panel
Interactive driver training
Kick down sign.
LDW environment
LDW signal type
Level stand-by
Load sens valve
Load sensing
Load transf. ma
Load transfer
Locking and alarm system environment
Max acceleration at 0 km/h
Neutral Position Sensor
NOx Control
NOx sensor type downstream
NOx sensor type upstream
NOx sensor upstream
Number of alternatiors
ODB temp
Oil cooling for gearbox
Oil level sens
Oil level sensor monitoring
Oil temperature sensor gearbox.
OPC shift brake
Outdoor temperature sensor 2nd
P-brake warning
Parked vehicle guide light
Particle trap
Passenger door position
Power shift program
Preparation for wheel config
Product class
PTO – GMS communication version.
PTO AWD prep
PTO ED prep
PTO EG3 Control
PTO split prep
PTO total amount
Range/Split solenoid ctr type
Rear axle
Rear axle gear ratio
Rear wheel steering manag.syst
Refrigerant EGR cooler
Refrigerant o.c
Retarder control device
Retarder System
Retarder system environment
Reverse speed
Roof hatch
Roof height
Safety belt reminder
SCR exh gas temperature sensor
SCR heating system
SCR red el hose heater output1
SCR red el hose heater output2
SCR red el hose heater output3
SCR red el hose heater output4
Security central locking
Selective Catalytic Reduction
Service indicat
Speed lim.third
Speed sign ampl
SpeedLimit EOL
Steering system
Steering wheel position
Steering wheel switches gen.
Tachograph system
Tag axle, behind
TCO environment
Type of order
Torque converter
Torque converter
Torque reduction NOx control
Tot .rais.lower.
TPM 1st axle
TPM 4th axle
TPM envrionment
Trailer brake coupling
Trailer hand control valve
Transfer gear case
Transmission sensor constant
Variable idling
Variable volt
VIS environment
Wheel assy rear
Wheel brake
Wheel config. EOL
Wheel mo tag ax
White smoke limiter
WIFS Water in fuel sensor

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Scania Trucks Scania Multi [1910] v19.50.0.1 [10.2019]
Posted by: Admin - 10-07-2020, 06:00 PM - Forum: Scania - No Replies

Scania Multi [1910] v19.50.0.1 [10.2019]
Spare parts Catalog & Service Information for Scania Trucks.

[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]
[Image: image.png]

Region: All regions 
Languages: English,  Italian
Type: Spare parts Catalog & Service Information
Version: v19.50.0.1
OS: WinXP, Windows7, WIN8, WIN10
Quantity of CD: 4 DVDs
Size: 11.1 GB
Year: 2019
Date of update: 10/2019

The program SCANIA placed on 4DVDs and the chassis, rules of accommodation of a saddle and axes contains the information on spare parts, accessories, and also rules of change and updating, calculation of loading on a frame, etc.

Scania Multi contains the information on spare parts, accessories for Scania cars and buses. All data is presented since 1985 for trucks, chassis-P, GR, T, 3, 4, 5 buses and F-Series, K-, N-series SCANIA, for all regions (different equipment and performance). Contains manuals and repair times. Scania Multi is one of the most advanced workshop information systems on the market. Using the chassis number, it is possible to individually tailor all the information needed to carry out servicing, fault-tracing and repairs on each individual vehicle, thus enhancing the quality and precision of the workshop's operations. At the same time, the customer benefits from a shorter standstill time.

Time savings and better quality for the customer
• Precision: the right parts, times and operations from the very outset.
• Easily accessible information: quick searching, only relevant information.
• Rapid response: cost estimate at the first contact.
• Many languages: information in 9 languages increases precision and speed.
• Simple updating: only current information is found in the system.
• The workshop of the future: everyone at the Scania workshop has access to the information in Scania Multi, which makes for a flexible organisation.
• Local modifications are simple: Scania Multi is structured so that special adaptations can be integrated for each specific market.

Here is a typical sequence of events when visiting a Scania workshop which uses Scania Multi:
A driver observes a brake fault on his truck and drives to a Scania workshop. With the help of the chassis number, the customer receptionist calls up the truck's specification and uses Scania Multi to determine the work which needs to be carried out. The customer receptionist can thus immediately offer the customer a time and cost estimate.

The mechanic who takes on the job looks up Scania Multi to find out how it should be tackled on this particular truck, and verifies exactly which parts will be needed for this chassis number. The system despatches an order to the parts store, which fetches the relevant parts. The truck is repaired and the Scania Multi system then automatically produces the necessary documentation for invoicing the customer.

All this information is easily accessible to all users of Scania Multi. The system opens the door to a restructuring of workshop operations. The mechanic can if necessary act as a customer receptionist and can even handle invoicing and other follow-up processes.

NOTE !!!!: Scania (Starting with version 2014.02 does not work in Windows XP)

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Iveco Trucks IVECO Power Truck + Bus Q1 [02.2020]
Posted by: Admin - 10-07-2020, 05:39 PM - Forum: Iveco - No Replies

IVECO Power Truck + Bus Q1 [02.2020]
Spare parts catalog for IVECO Trucks + Buses + CHINA .

[Image: 01.png]
[Image: 02.png]
[Image: 03.png]
[Image: 04.png]
[Image: 05.png]
[Image: 06.png]
[Image: 00.png]

Region: All regions 
Languages: English, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, German, Norwegian, French, Swedish 
Type: Spare Parts Catalog (TRUCK + BUS + CHINA)
OS: WinXP, Windows7, WIN8,WIN10
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD 
Year: 2020
Date of update: 02/2020

Original parts catalog IVECO.
IVECO Power represents the new version of the catalog of spare parts for trucks, vans and buses IVECO (including the army and fire trucks). All old versions of programs called Iveco Compact and distributed on CD.

Iveco concern was formed in November 1974 following an agreement Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz (KHD) on the transfer of its branches Magirus-Deutz under the control of FIAT. The composition includes IVECO Magirus-Deutz, FIAT, as well as Italian and foreign units such as OM FIAT, Lancia, French FIAT France SA (manufactured trucks brand Unic). Headquartered IVECO housed in Turin.

The catalog IVECO Power on one DVD. Can operate directly from a DVD or install a shell or data. This program IVECO Power is one of the most simple and easy to work on trucks.

Work with the parts catalog, you can not even owning any foreign language, but it's better to have a basic knowledge of one of six foreign languages. There is a search by model, VIN number, according to VP number on the original part number or name. Comparison of two different versions of one model. To identify the vehicle used last seven characters of the VIN

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MAN Trucks MAN Mantis v.638 EPC [07.2020]
Posted by: Admin - 10-07-2020, 05:16 PM - Forum: MAN Trucks - No Replies

MAN Mantis v.638 EPC [07.2020] NEW
Spare parts catalog for MAN Trucks, Buses and Engines .

[Image: 01.png]
[Image: 02.png]
[Image: 03.png]
[Image: 04.png]
[Image: 05.png]
[Image: 06.png]
[Image: 07.png]

Region: All Region
Type: Spare Parts catalog
Languages: English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, Japanese
OS: WinXP, Vista , Windows7 (32BIT, 64BIT), WIN8, WIN10
Version: v.638
Year: 2019
Release Date:  07 2020

Spare parts catalog for MAN Trucks, Buses and Engines .

Man MANTIS 6.0 is electronic parts catalog for all MAN trucks, buses, engines and components.

After more than 20 years MAN Truck & Bus presents MANTIS in a new look and feel. Including a new, modern interface and with many new features the operation of MANTIS 6.0 is even more comfortable and customer-friendly.

The new versions of the program allows to enter complete VIN of the machine for identification, but defines by VIN only model and date of release. There is a search of figure by original number of a detail and list of automobiles, where the detail was applied, also replaced numbers of details both new and old. For search of spare parts of the concrete machine it is necessary to know VIN or precisely to know model, wheel formula, interaxial distance, type of a suspension and cabin, also the type and modification of the engine installed on the machine. The search by VIN in the program is realized as follows. It is possible to enter complete VIN or to use with 4 till 6 symbols VIN for definition such as (up to five symbols enter the zero) and with 7 till 10 symbols for definition of number of chassis, also it is possible to choose a type and number the chassis from the list of possible variants. All other data to specify require search directly on the machine.
The abbreviation MAN - means Machine-building factories Ausburg and Nuremberg. The firm "MAN" is based in 1915 and is one of the biggest manufacturers of vehicles, including buses and also components for their assembly (axles, transmissions, engines, cabins).

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KIA KIA Global Snap-on EPC 5 [01.2020]
Posted by: Admin - 10-06-2020, 08:27 PM - Forum: KIA - No Replies

KIA Global Snap-on EPC 5 [01.2020]
SnapOn, Full parts catalog, prices and sales code

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.jpg]
[Image: 05.jpg]

Languages: English (Multilanguage)
Developer: SNAP EPC
Type: Spare Parts Catalog
Version: 3.10.6
OS: Windows7,WIN8,WIN10
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD 
Year: 2020
Date update: 01/2020

Genuine Parts Catalog (KIA Global Snap-on EPC 5) contains complete information about parts and accessories for all KIA vehicles, SUVs, buses and trucks manufactured for most of the global markets.

Kia Worldwide Snap-On EPC is the electronic parts lookup system that allows users to easily find OE part numbers. This program has VIN decoding and filtering that allows to only displays vehicle-specific parts information. Kia Worldwide Snap-On EPC contains information for the following markets:


US/Canada market is NOT available.

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Mitsubishi Mitsubishi ASA (Europe + G.Export + USA + Japan) [07.2020]
Posted by: Admin - 10-06-2020, 06:42 PM - Forum: Mitsubishi - No Replies

Mitsubishi ASA (Europe + G.Export + USA + Japan) [07.2020]
Spare Parts for Mitsubishi ALL regions (Europe + G.Export + USA + Japan)

[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: 04.png]

Region: All regions (Europe + G.Export + USA + Japan) 
Languages: English
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8,WIN10
Quantity of CD: 4 DVDs
Year: 2020
Date of update: 07/2020

1. [M00] Mitsubishi ASA Japan , update 753 (2020-07-17)
2. [M50] Mitsubishi ASA North America , update 648 (2020-07-10)
3. [M60] Mitsubishi ASA Europe , update 669 (2020-07-17)
4. [M80] Mitsubishi ASA General Export , update 632 (2020-07-10)

Mitsubishi Asa is an electronic catalog, which contains a full set of descriptions of performance parts and accessories for cars Mitsubishi, step by step instructions for their operation, repair manuals, electrical and hydraulic circuits in which an experienced user will be able to resolve all resulting problems and issues.

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Honda Honda EPC General v4.00 [03.2019]
Posted by: Admin - 09-29-2020, 07:03 PM - Forum: Honda - Acura - No Replies

Honda EPC General v4.00 [03.2019]
Spare parts catalog for Honda Cars!

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.jpg]
[Image: 05.jpg]
[Image: 06.jpg]

Region: Europe 
Languages: Multilanguage (English, Francais, Deutsch, Espanol, Nederlands, Italiano, Portugues). 
Developer: Honda
Type: Spare Parts Catalog
Version: 4.00
OS:WinXP, Vista, Windows7,WIN8,WIN10
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD 
Year: 2019
Date update: 03/2019

The program HONDA EPC comes one DVD, installation is 25Mb, default program works by using DVD. The catalog contains information about cars from 1982 to 2019.

The program is a search on VIN and its transcript, the choice of model, Job-sheets, normo-hours and cost of spare parts, as well as user-friendly interface and high-quality illustrations.

Extra Information: This image is not the next cumulative update, so-called StandAlone version is designed for clean installation. Image taken with the original DVD.

Before installing the program to remove all previous versions of the product, if any. Mount in any convenient way to install the disk and, using the key.

To complete the installation program on the HDD (work without DVD) to copy the Database directory on the HDD and run the utility Switch Location specifying a new path to the data, or copy the entire contents of the DVD to the HDD and run setup from the HDD.

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Ford Microcat Ford Europe [08.2020]
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Microcat Ford Europe [08.2020]
Spare Parts Catalog for FORD vehicles  European Market .

[Image: 01.png]
[Image: 02.png]
[Image: 03.png]
[Image: 04.png]
[Image: 05.png]
[Image: 06.png]
[Image: 07.png]
[Image: 08.png]
[Image: 09.png]

Region: Europe 
Languages: English, Deutsch, Magyar, Italiano, Francais, Espanol, Nederlands, Dansk, Norsk, Svenska, Portugues, Polski, Suomi, Turkce, Russian, etc. 
Type: Spare Parts Catalog
OS:WinXP, Vista, Windows7, WIN8, WIN10
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD 
Year: 2020
Date update: 08/2020

Electronic  parts catalog for Ford European assembly. Provides information on passenger and light commercial vehicles. With the full installation (program + data) takes about 8,3 GB. Rolling back the date is not required (working without a rollback to May 2012). Completely reworked the distribution, simply run setup.exe and specify the installation path. Tablets are not required .

Spare Parts Catalog Ford Application Features:
- Dealer Management System integration - enables order transfer, SOH and Customer search display
- Positive VIN identification - identifies the correct vehicle and interprets the correct part
- Easy to use Graphic Index - hyperlinked illustrations of major sections of vehicle to find the part fast
- Color vehicle images - color images of vehicle lines makes catalog selection easy
- Superior Search Features
- Service Part Number
- Basic Part Number
- Description
- Group
- Motorcraft
- Illustration number
- Calibration number
- Identification number
- Parts list
- Cross catalog
- Built in Ford Video Clips - view Ford information from the video button on the tool bar on illustrations enable the user to select the required part in one click of the mouse
- Pop up descriptions on illustrations - view part description by just placing mouse pointer over callout
- Save and recall parts orders - quotations can be saved and retrieved later for ordering
- OSI Search
- Save VIN Feature
- Alpha Index
- Fast loading illustrations
- Short cut keys - enabling users to find parts quicker
- Exceptional operating speed - increases dealership efficiency
- User notes - adds user notes to parts or sections
- Manufacturer notes - displays additional information added by the VM
- Parts pricing - view the latest parts pricing with easy install updates
- Superior print facility - enabling users to print and fax quotes and images at the click of a mouse
- Image zooming - enables users to set the illustrations to their preferred size
- User preferences - users can set Microcat layout, views colours, data display options etc.
- Double click to order facility - simply double click on callout to order part
- Workbench - for users to build up an order, for transferring to DMS, printing for quote, or saving for confirmation
- Linked illustration to data - colored callouts.

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Mitchell UltraMate Mitchell Estimating UltraMate v7.1.238 [08.2020]
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Mitchell Estimating UltraMate v7.1.238 [08.2020]

[Image: 00.png]
[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.png]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.png]
[Image: 05.png]
[Image: 06.png]
[Image: 07.png]
[Image: 08.png]
[Image: 09.jpg]

Region: All regions 
Type: Service, Repair, Wiring Diagrams
Languages: English, German, Spanish.
Version: v7.1.238
OS: WinXP, Win7 23BIT,WIN8, WIN10
Year: 2020
Date of update: 08/2020

Mitchell UltraMate is an advanced estimating system with proven technology that helps you create estimates that are accurate, verifiable, and readily accepted throughout the industry.

UltraMate combines database accuracy with Windows ease-of-use, plus automated calculations and repair procedure pages that virtually eliminate errors. These features make it easier to produce estimates that are right the first time, and reduce the need for supplements. With intuitive, uncomplicated navigation, clear graphics, and simple-to-follow help instructions, UltraMate delivers powerful estimating technology.

UltraMate is fully equipped to handle a wide range of estimating scenarios with alternative parts selection products and can also help you with critical business management functions with an integrated basic shop management product called ShopPak. You can click on the products below to find out more:

Mitchell's Alternate Parts Program (MAPP) 
Quality Recycled Parts (QRP) 
Powered by the Mitchell Database - the #1 database in the industry 
Tab Menu Structure 
Configurable Repair Screen 
Right Click and Drag and Drop Functionality 
Automatic VIN decode 
Procedure Pages 
Based on CIECA standards facilitating open communications 
Communicate electronically to retrieve assignments and send estimates 
WebCom Broadband Communications (TCP/IP, DSL, T1 and ISP connections)

New Model Releases:
New Cars and Trucks
2012-17    HYUNDAI AZERA *
2014-17    INFINITI QX80
2013-17    LEXUS GS 350/200t
    (16-17) GS 200t
    (13-17) GS 350
2013-17    LEXUS GS 450h
2014-17    LEXUS IS 250/350/200t/300
    (14-15) IS 250
    (14-17) IS 350
    (16-17) IS 200t
    (16-17) IS 300
2017    MAZDA CX-5
2016-17    MAZDA CX-9
2011-17    NISSAN LEAF
    (14-17) 1500 ProMaster
    (14-17) 2500 ProMaster
    (14-17) 3500 ProMaster
2017    BMW 7 SERIES HYBRID (G12)
    (17) 740e
2017    PORSCHE 718 BOXSTER (982)
2017    PORSCHE PANAMERA (971)
2016-17    VOLVO XC90
2016-17    VOLVO XC90 HYBRID
    (16-17) XC90 Plug-In
2015-17    FORD EDGE
General Motors
2014-17    GMC SIERRA 1500
    (15-17) 1500 Sierra
          (14) C1500 Pickup Sierra
          (14) K1500 Pickup Sierra
2015-17     CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500/3500
    (15-17) 2500HD Silverado
    (15-17) 3500HD Silverado
* US only    
† Available via barcode    
‡ Canada only    
New Motorcycles            

2014-17    BMW S 1000 R
2016-17    BMW S 1000 XR
2012-17    HONDA GOLD WING
2016-17    HONDA VFR1200X
2008-17    KAWASAKI KLR650
2017    KAWASAKI NINJA 1000
2017    KAWASAKI Z125 PRO
2015-17    YAMAHA YZF-R1
New Medium/Heavy-Duty Trucks            


Mitchell Has Trailers!
UltraMate RV Database now includes the following generic trailers:
5th Wheel Toy Hauler
Pop-up Trailer
Trailer / Toy Hauler

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Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz StarFinder v3 [2008]
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Mercedes Benz StarFinder v3 [2008]

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.jpg]
[Image: 05.jpg]
[Image: 06.jpg]

Year: 2008 
Version: v3 
Developer: Mercedes-Benz of North America Inc. 
Compatibility with Vista: Unknown 
System requirements: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. 
Autodesk WHIP!(Included on disc) 
Language: English 

Mercedes Star Finder includes color wiring diagrams and information about the location of the vehicle elements of electrical circuits, including sensors and connectors for the following models of Mercedes - 129, 170, 171, 202, 203, 208, 209, 210, 211, 215, 219, 140, 220, 230, 240, 463, 163, 164 and 251. 
The catalog Star Finder uses a standard numbering of the elements from MB and car bodywork.

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Renault Renault CAN CLiP v200 [09.2020]
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Renault CAN CLiP v200 [09.2020]
Renault Diagnostic Tool.

[Image: 0.jpg]
[Image: 00.png]
[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.jpg]
[Image: 05.jpg]
[Image: 08.jpg]
[Image: 09.jpg]
[Image: 10.jpg]
[Image: 11.jpg]

Region: All Region
Language: English (Multilangual)
Version: v200
Developer: SPX
Platform: Windows7, WIN8, WIN10
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD DL
Year: 2020
Date of update: 09/2020

Renault CLIP - the latest diagnostic tool from Renault. It contains all the latest diagnostic technology and information base to address all issues.
Extras. Info: If the primary installation, follow the instructions, which is attached. If you already have an earlier version, it is recommended to uninstall and then follow the installation instructions.
It only works with original CLIP adapter or with a Chinese clone, no adapters and KL KKL is not supported.

Renault has developed a diagnosis system called Valise Clip. Hooked up to the car through OBD2 connector, it runs a complete test automatically, checking a series of parameters and identifying problems that can then be solved.
Program dealer car diagnostics Renault, Dacia, Samsung.

Starting with version CLIP 173, Windows XP is no longer compatible with CLIP.

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Mercedes Benz Mercedes-Benz WIS-ASRA NET [07.2020] FULL
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Mercedes-Benz WIS-ASRA NET [07.2020] FULL
Repair Manual, Maintenance, Basic data, Wiring diagrams for Mercedes-Benz ( Cars, Buses, Trucks )

[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]
[Image: 03.jpg]
[Image: 04.jpg]
[Image: 05.jpg]
[Image: 06.jpg]

Region: All regions 
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, German, French, Japanese 
Type: Repair Manual, Maintenance, Basic data, Wiring diagrams
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7, Win8,WIN10
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD DL
Year: 2020
Date of update: 07/2020
License: High (Present)

Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
The WIS net DaimlerChrysler AG's aim is to improve the electronic availability and usefulness of the workshop documentation (e.g. repair, maintenance, basic data, wiring diagrams and in part also documentation organization) of Mercedes-Benz and smart products by optimizing access and presentation.

WIS net also offers integration to neighboring task areas such as e.g. definition of work units and flat rates using ASRA, and damage coding on one workstation.

The following criteria have been taken into consideration:
* Modern electronic information system to replace the microfilm and paper media.
* Faster document search and display. Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
* Simplification of document search in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
* Simple system operation. in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
* Access option to vehicle-specific data (vehicle datacard of EPC system).
* Vehicle-specific documentation finding. in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
* Simplification of warranty settlement by integrating the damage coding in WIS.
* Documentation access using operation number in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
* Definition of work units or flat rates using ASRA in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET

Archive includes the following files:

Mercedes WIS-ASRA NET [07.2020] FULL

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