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Liebherr Lidos Parts & Service [01.2013]
Liebherr Lidos 
Liebherr Lidos Parts & Service [01.2013]
Lidos, parts and services information for LHB, LFR, LBH, LWT, MOT

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Region: All regions 
Type: Parts and Services information.
Languages:English, Spanish, Italian, German, French 
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows8
Quantity of DVD: 7 DVD DL  [VMware]
Year: 2013
Date of update: JANUARY 2013

Liebherr Lidos 2013 Complete Set is a parts catalog and service documentation for Liebherr construction and mining machines and engines. 

Liebherr Lidos 2013 Complete Set parts catalog and service documentation covers the following equipment types:
Liebherr LHB Wheeled Excavators
Liebherr LFR Crawler Excavators
Liebherr LBH Wheel Loaders
Liebherr LWT Crawlers
Liebherr MOT Engines

Liebherr Service Documentation 
Liebherr WebService Client

Service manuals available for:
Diesel engines 
Wheeled and Crawler Excavators 
Articulated truck 
Wheel Loaders 
Telescopic handler

Liebherr manufactures mining excavators, wheel loaders, dozers that are technological trend-setters. The machines feature both high efficiency and availability combined with an ergonomic working environment offering comfort for the operators and and easy serviceability for the service crew. All of these features result in the range of Liebherr mining excavators offering the lowest costs per ton. 

All working attachments whether backhoe bucket or bottom-dump bucket are designed and manufactured by Liebherr. 

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