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BMW TIS Repair Manual [12.2007]
BMW TIS Repair Manual [12.2007]
WorkShop & Repair Manuals for BMW Cars

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Region: All regions 
Languages: English
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7
Developer: BMW AG
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD 
Year: 2007 
Date of update: 12/2007

The program BMW TIS is intended for repair and service of automobiles BMW, machines since 1985. Contains the information on the adjusting and adjusting sizes, procedures of search of malfunctions, symptoms of malfunctions, geometry. It is established under Win95/98 similarly to program BMW ETK. In the program there are no electrocircuits, they to contain on separate disks. Identification of the machine is carried out on the last to 7 marks VIN of number, all other marks at BMW do not bear{carry} what information, except for the data of the manufacturer.

The program BMW TIS about which I want to tell a little to you, will replace many repair manuals let out{released} at us and to maintenance service of automobiles BMW.

The citation from BMW TIS is below resulted, giving representation for what this program is necessary.
" The important instruction{indication} on use TIS.
Documents on this compact disc serve as the grant{manual} on the qualified performance of works on maintenance service and car repairs BMW in serial execution{performance}. The necessary requirement for performance of above named works is passage of the full program of training of a trade of the mechanic and regular improvement of professional skill to our centers of training of the attendants. If documents contain the instruction{indication} on special adaptations without their use it is impossible to guarantee the qualified performance of repair work... " 
The given program will serve as irreplaceable help for shops and the car-care centers preferring mark BMW.

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[Image: 6rnijb.png]

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