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Toyota & Lexus USA ProQuest v4.3.1 [07.2011]
Toyota & Lexus USA ProQuest v4.3.1 [07.2011]
Spare Parts Catalog for Toyota & Lexus USA Market .

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Region: USA
Type: Spare Parts Catalog
Languages: English, Spanish
Version: 4.3.1
Developer: Snap-on
Quantity of CD: 2 DVD's
Year: 2011
Date of update: 07/2011

The online catalog to search for Toyota and Lexus parts there is a search on Vin, or model, there is a transcript of each position Vin, search for the original order number or the name Toyota parts, and also search of applicability of details.

Toyota + Lexus USA Parts Information:
1969-current (all makes & models). 
Fast Moving Parts Catalog (FMPC). 
Accessory Catalog. 
NAP JPP Switch Catalogs.

Toyota + Lexus USA Features:
VIN decoding and filtering displays vehicle-specific parts information (optional). 
Monthly price book information. 
Bookmarks enable an easy return to parts information, without searching for it again. 
Instant access to your in-house inventory system. 
Capacity to customize parts data by adding your own notes. 
Online help screens minimize new user training time. 
Print high-quality text and illustrations. 

Toyota VIN - U.S.
1980-current Toyota VIN information (all makes & models). 
Addition of 12 old model Toyota parts catalogs, previously only available on microfiche:
1972 - 1973 Carina
1971 - 1978 Celica
1967 - 1970 Corona
1970 - 1974 Corolla
1970 - 1973 Corona
1973 - 1978 Corona
1969 - 1971 Corona MKII
1972 - 1976 Corona MKII
1968 - 1972 Crown

Toyota + Lexus USA Benefits:
VIN decoding and filtering displays vehicle-specific parts information (including matches on trim and color codes, engine, transmission type and body type). 
Unrelated or superceded parts are hidden from view.

Toyota + Lexus USA Features:
Choice of automatic or manual filtering. 
Shortcuts save time for experienced users. 
Vehicle Information Screen displays all vehicle characteristics with accessory codes and definitions.

List of models presented in the electronic catalog of spare parts of Toyota and Lexus USA:
Toyota 4Runner, Truck
Toyota Avalon
Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota Carina
Toyota Celica
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla FX
Toyota Corona
Toyota Corona Mark II
Toyota Cressida
Toyota Crown
Toyota Echo
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Toyota Highlander
Toyota Highlander HV
Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Matrix
Toyota MR2
Toyota MR2 Spyder
Toyota Paseo
Toyota Previa
Toyota Prius
Toyota Rav 4
Toyota Rav 4 EV
Toyota Scion TC
Toyota Scion XA
Toyota Scion XB
Toyota Scion XB Next-Gen
Toyota Scion XD
Toyota Sequoia
Toyota Sienna
Toyota Solara
Toyota Starlet
Toyota Supra
Toyota T100
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tercel
Toyota Truck, Pickup
Toyota Tundra
Toyota Van
Toyota Yaris Hatchback
Toyota Yaris Sedan

Lexus ES250
Lexus ES300
Lexus ES330
Lexus ES350
Lexus GS300
Lexus GS350
Lexus GS400
Lexus GS430
Lexus GS450 H
Lexus GS460
Lexus GX470
Lexus IS F
Lexus IS250
Lexus IS300
Lexus IS350
Lexus LS400
Lexus LS430
Lexus LS460-460L
Lexus LS600HL
Lexus LX450
Lexus LX470
Lexus LX570
Lexus RX300
Lexus RX330
Lexus RX350
Lexus RX400
Lexus SC300
Lexus SC400
Lexus SC430
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